Possible USB 2.0 fix for malfunctioning device messages and 'unknown device' in Device Manager Print

If your USB 2.0 devices suddenly start acting weird and start to be detected as "unknown devices" or you receive "Your USB device has malfunctioned" error messages, try this simple fix:

      This is quite low-tech and I was skeptical until it fixed many previously unresolved issues that were not fixed with a BIOS upgrade, driver reinstalls/updates, MS hotfixes, reinstalling Windows, etc...

    1) Shutdown the PC

    2) Physically unplug the power cable from the PC/Wall

    3) Wait approx 30 minutes for residual power in power supply to dissipate (sometimes you can rush this by pressing the power button a few times after disconnecting the power)

    4) Plug the power back in and try your devices again

Like I said, this is low-tech, but it has worked numerous times for me. Hope you have luck with it too!


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