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Instant Support provides an easy way for you to receive support through the Internet. When you download and run the support client software, you initiate a connection to Daugherty IT Consulting. Since you initiate the connection, there are no major issues with finding your external WAN IP address, opening ports on your router for the connection or manually configuring your software firewall to allow entry. At most you will be prompted by your Internet browser to allow the software to run and may be prompted by your firewall to allow the connection.

Please note that you must be in contact with Daugherty IT Consulting for this software to work. I must be waiting for your connection or your attempts to connect will fail.

Click to download Instant Support client

Click icon to download the Instant Support Client


The connection process ...

Step 1 - Click on the link above

Step 2 - Select Run or Open to start the software immediately after download or save the software to a known location so that you can open it after the download is complete

Internet Explorer example, selecting Run is preferred

Step 3 - After you Run the program, you will be prompted for some information such as Name, Address, Phone and Email address. This information is for invoicing purposes (if the session deems charges)

Information collection

When you are done entering your information, click the Connect button to attempt to connect.

You will then be connected to your Instant Support session.

Connected to DITC

If you are prompted with any firewall prompts asking you to allow the software to connect, please select Allow or whichever option will allow the new program access to the Internet. If you do not allow the program access, the connection to us will fail.







If you have been requested to send an initial connection fee to begin your Instant Support session, please click on the button below. You do not need a PayPal account to make an MC/Visa/Discover/Amex payment.

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